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Moon Lane Education believes that the lack of diversity in UK publishing is leading to a singular dominant voice in the cultural conversation; limiting empathy, understanding, integration and social mobility. 


Katherine Wilmot, Deputy Head Teacher, Paxton Primary School

Our children were absolutely buzzing when they returned from the Southwark Reading Festival author events!!! The children loved the events and our staff were hugely impressed with how engaging and exciting the authors were! Thank you so much for all you hard work, it has been really appreciated by Paxton staff and children and has made a real difference to us!

Nadine Wild Palmer, Author

I had such a wonderful time working with you guys this past 2 weeks. I just wanted to say how kind, friendly, generous and supportive you all were. You guys as much as the children made these events such a pleasure to be part of! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Lara, Jubilee School

Thank you for organising this - every class who attended has given great feedback and said the children had a fantastic time. Thank you for all the lovely books from the authors too!

Moon Lane’s London Schools Festival

of Books in 2017

Moon Lane’s inclusive Festivals of Fun

in London during 2019

We are passionate about reading for pleasure, for every child. As part of our lively programme of events and as a way of thanking all our schools for their support, we have been running free schools festivals for over 8 years. We believe that every child should experience the excitement of lively author events, regardless of their background. Our festivals invite schools to bring their classes to events where the authors and illustrators themselves open up their books and invite the children in.  


If you are interested in joining one of our Moon Lane Festivals of Fun, please join our mailing list for more details. 

Read a copy of our Moon Lane Festivals of Fun Lewisham and Southwark 2019 Report

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