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Moon Lane Ink CIC is an enterprise initiative set up by three former teachers with the aim to inspire reading and entrepreneurial skills in schools. Using presentations and workshops the Moon Lane Ink team teach students how to set up and run their own bookshop, market new titles and spread enthusiasm for reading.

What does Moon Lane Ink do?

Moon Lane Ink has developed Pop-Up Bookshop Enterprise Days to promote reading for pleasure in secondary schools. This enterprise day project gives students the opportunity to design, plan and run their own pop-up bookshop and to keep their pop-up profit to use for books and book related events to further promote reading.


Moon Lane Ink Pop-Up Bookshop Enterprise Day utilises the students themselves as the best and most effective resource for promoting books and reading within their peer group.

Moon Lane Ink Pop-Up Bookshop Enterprise Day increases student access to, and involvement with, a range of books selected especially for their peers, by their peers.

Moon Lane Ink Pop-Up Bookshop Enterprise Day enhances literacy achievement in secondary schools by promoting reading for pleasure. It is particularly targeted at years 7-10 when reading for pleasure tends to decrease.

Moon Lane Ink Pop-Up Bookshop Enterprise Days boosts entrepreneurial skills in young adults, offering chances to develop new skill sets whilst encouraging a more diverse group of students to consider careers in publishing and business.


During the Enterprise day, teams at secondary schools pitch and compete to run a pop-up bookshop with the support of local booksellers, publishing professionals and volunteer business people. They gain experience of planning, delegating, communicating, reviewing, filming promotional videos, marketing, publicising, reviewing budgets, stock ordering, event organising and branding.

The winning team then runs an actual pop-up bookshop.

The remaining teams read and film book trailers for key titles. These are screened to all students just before the opening of the pop-up bookshop, with the aim of generating excitement about reading. Prizes are given for the most inspiring trailer.

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