Paula Harrison

Robyn Silver: The Midnight Chimes (Publisher: Scholastic)

Availability: w/c 3 October

Robyn Silver: The Midnight Chimes is a fantasy-adventure full of thrills and spookiness, which is appropriate for all of Key Stage 2. Paula Harrison was a primary school teacher and loves sharing her passion for books with children. A Robyn Silver school event includes an introduction to the characters and themes of the book. Children help Paula dream up new monsters for possible use in the story. The children's ideas are taken on board and Paula shows how to turn inspiration into a story and to describe the new monsters using amazing vocabulary! In smaller groups (maximum of 60), Paula also runs a creative writing session on a monster theme that gives children greater confidence in turning their own ideas into a story.

Inbali Iserles

Foxcraft: The Elders (Publisher: Scholastic)

Availability: w/c 10 October

Inbali runs a fun, interactive session for 45 minutes to an hour delete in which she talks about her childhood, her love of animals and stories, and how the two came together in her writing. Inviting audience participation throughout, she explores the legends around foxes, traditionally the bad guys in folklore and children’s books. She sketches out the different types of magic that feature in Foxcraft and invite students delete students, put in children? to vote on their special power. Volunteers are asked to explain their choices, and prizes e.g. postcards and Foxcraft badges will be given for the best answers.

Amber Lee Dodd

We Are Giants (Publisher: Hachette Children's Group)

Availability: 10 - 23 October

We Are Giants by Amber Lee Dodd has been described by Jacqueline Wilson as 'a total page-turner...very moving and touching.' It’s a novel about a girl whose mum has dwarfism. But it's not just about that. It's about love, family, friendship, and how to be happy. Join Amber as she discusses her inspiration, her writing process and why she believes everyone can be a writer.

E.J. Clarke

Oakwing (Publisher: Hachette Children's Group)

Availability: 11 – 14 October, 31 October – 4 November

Take a journey across London with E. J. Clarke and discover the fairy tribes living in the capital’s parks. Learn about how he got into writing, and how he turned an idea into a children’s book. E. J. Clarke will introduce you to Rowan, the heroine of his story, along with the fairy tribes she meets. He’ll share photos of each location visited in the book and will read an extract, before encouraging you to come up with your very own tribe…

Josh Lacey and Garry Parsons

The Dragonsitter series (Publisher: Andersen Press)

Availability: 14 October

Josh Lacey and Garry Parsons are the creators of the hilarious Dragonsitter series, which was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. They provide a fun-filled event with live drawing where kids hear how even the simplest of things like dragonsitting can go horribly wrong!

Ross Montgomery

Perijee & Me (Publisher: Faber)

Availability: 17-21 October, and 31 October

Ever wondered what an alien looks like? Are they beautiful and breathtaking, or monstrous and horrific? In this event, PERIJEE & ME author Ross Montgomery will help you create your own vision of an alien, and bring it to life with descriptive language. A must for all fans of antennae, teeth and tentacles!

Nat Luurtsema

Girl Out of Water (Publisher: Walker Books)

Availability: 17 - 21 October

What do you do when absolutely everything falls apart? Girl Out of Water deals with just that – when the heroine’s dreams are shattered, what does she do? Join author, screenwriter, and comedian Nat Luurtsema as she chats about how failing isn’t always the worst thing – it can take you in a whole new, exciting direction! – and how to deal with it when you do. With an engaging talk and hilarious readings from the book, Nat talks about all the things that went terribly wrong when she was young and says the things that we all wish we’d been told at the age of 15: Don’t panic, this happens to everyone, and you’ve got time to figure things out.

Knife & Packer

Badly Drawn Beth (Publisher: Hachette Children's Group)

Availability: 17-19 October, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 November

Knife and Packer are a cartoon/writing team who have written over 30 books for children, and visited hundreds of schools, festivals and libraries in their career. They have just won an inaugural Scholastic Laugh Out Loud Award for Badly Drawn Beth. Join them as they introduce Beth, and get students to help them create a new character with live cartooning and story-building. (Grown-ups may also recognise their work in Private Eye’s Grim Up North London cartoon, which they still do today.)

Susan Moore

Crimson Poison (Publisher: Nosy Crow)

Availability: W/c 31 October, w/c 7 November and w/c 28 November

Discover what goes on inside author Susan Moore's head when she's world-building for Nat Walker's adventure series. From dragon robots, and hi-tech Slider transportation, to Smart t-shirt fashion, she explains what fuels her imagination and creativity and how it translates to her fiction. Inspired from an early age by fairytales, ancient myth and legend, she later worked in the extraordinary futuristic world of Skywalker Ranch. Through a fun workshop of future world-building she'll help the audience to dig deep into their imagination to invent their own robotic gizmo or gadget.

Siobhan Curham

The Moonlight Dreamers (Publisher: Walker Books)

Availability: 7 - 11 November

Everyone has their dreams, ambitions, and hopes for the Future, but how do you actually go about achieving them? Sometimes the world can seem terrifying and full of obstacles, especially when you’re a teenager! Moonlight Dreamers is about exactly that – four teenage girls, each with their different dreams, who come together and use their friendship to give them courage to reach for the stars! Author and life coach, Siobhan Curham has travelled all over the world introducing her Moonlight Dreamers to young adults and helping them overcome the pressure and stress of modern-day living to achieve their dreams. An interactive and energetic workshop, Siobhan chats comfortably about issues such as bullying, online trolling, the importance of friendship and the pursuit of your dreams.

Robin Jarvis

The Power of Dark (Publisher: Egmont UK)

Availability: 10 November

Author of the bestselling Whitby Witches series, Robin Jarvis returns with The Power of Dark, an enthralling tale of magic and horror in which the last of the Whitby witches fears evil forces are at work to revive an ancient curse. Join Robin for a spooky witching hour of illustration and writing and meet the evil witch Scaur Annie from The Power of Dark.

Justin Fisher

Ned's Circus of Marvels (Publ: HarperCollins)

Availability: 14 or 15 November

Justin Fisher brings the world of Circus of Marvels to life with an amazing, slick multi-media presentations featuring animated trailers, film clips and dazzling display of images. With influences from comic books to ancient Rome, Justin will unravel a marvellous package of anecdotes, facts and tips that both children and adults alike love!

Emma Carroll

Strange Star (Publisher: Faber&Faber)

Availability: 14, 15, 17 to 18 November and w/c 5 December

Join the Queen of Historical fiction for a wonderful event about writing, research, and her extraordinary novels. Emma's latest book, Strange Star is a fun story of the possible inspirations for how Frankenstein was written, including a mysterious scientist, strange disappearances, animals on the loose and secret science experiments. Prepare to be involved from the start!

Natasha Farrant

Time for Jas (Publisher: Faber & Faber)

Availability: November TBC

Standing up for yourself, accepting who you are, and living with the consequences of your actions: these are the unifying themes of Natasha’s novels. Her talk focuses on sources of inspiration ranging from her family to historical events and classic texts, but throughout the event she encourages the audience to talk about a range of subjects themselves. From annoying siblings to current affairs and favourite fictional characters, students will engage in a truly interactive conversation exploring the various ways in which these key themes can be explored in books, but also how they resonate in our own lives.

Jennifer Bell

The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence (Publisher: Random House Children's)

Availability: 13 & 14 December

Join bestselling author Jennifer Bell on a voyage through the magical subterranean world of her Uncommoners series, where everyday objects have extraordinary abilities. She explores her journey from a child who hated reading, to a complete book enthusiast and, using her eight years’ experience as a specialist children’s bookseller, delivers her top tips for reluctant readers, aiming to empower students to choose the right books for them. Set over the Christmas holidays, The Crooked Sixpence event will bring some festive fun to your end of term!

David Long

Survivors (Publisher: Faber & Faber)

Availability: Wednesdays and Thursdays during term.

Are you a survivor? How long can a person live without water? What are the alternatives? Can a person fall from a plane and survive? David Long has answers, and true, epic tales of people surviving against the odds.  It's time to talk about how amazing people can be in extreme situations.

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Autumn 2016 School Events

Please see the below list for free author events for the Autumn 2016 term. For more information please contact our Events Manager - Corinne at

Author events for KS2

Author events for KS1

Steven Lenton

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: The Spooky School (Publisher: Nosy Crow)

Availability: 10 - 21 October

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam used to be very bad dogs… but now they’re very good bakers! And not only that, they solve wacky mysteries too! In their first fiction adventure, our brave bakers hunt ghosts, save the day when the weather goes crazy, and stop a dastardly gang of racoons. Come and meet Steven Lenton, illustrator of the Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam series, for a fun-filled event packed with drawing and storytelling.

Ana and Thiago de Moraes

The Zoomers Handbook (Publishers: Andersen Press)

Availability: 19 October

The Zoomers' Handbook is a hilarious picture book of mixed up creatures. Discover the secret of the shiger's stripy wool, the challenges of owning a loyal but gigantic dogephant and the special skills of the super-fast horsodile in this fun session of storytelling and live drawing where children get the chance to create their very own Zoomer creature!

Pip Jones

Squishy McFluff series (Publisher: Faber & Faber)

Availability: Mondays from 31st October onwards.

Meet Ava and her mischievous invisible cat, Squishy McFluff. During this interactive event children help author Pip Jones create the ultimate imaginary pet and hear some of Ava and Squishy’s adventures. This autumn Ava and Squishy are heading to the Big Country Fair – can they be trusted to behave?

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Author events for Foundation

Peter Bently

The Prince and the Porker (Publisher: Andersen Press)

Availability: 29 September

Peter is the author of many award-winning picture books, including the fabulously funny The Prince and the Porker and The Great Dog Bottom Swap. This session features storytelling, dressing up and a surprise visit from a particular character in the book. Expect hilarious mayhem!


Where's the Starfish (Publisher: Egmont UK)

Availability: 7 October 

Join award-winning illustrator Barroux as he take you on a fun game of hide and seek to spot Starfish, Jellyfish, Clownfish and their friends at the bottom of the sea and draw your own fintastic friends! A gentle lesson for little ones on taking plan of our planet.

Chris Judge

Snow Beast (Publisher: Andersen Press)

Availability: 15 November

The winner of the Irish Children’s Book Award and the creator of the Beast does a fantastic and entertaining event for younger children involving live drawing and the chance to make your own beast mask.

Rob Biddulph

Odd Dog Out (Publisher: HarperCollins Children's)

Availability: 22 & 25 November

Join the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winning author of Blown Away and GRRRRR! for mischief, heart and humour with his new picture book Odd Dog Out. This promises to be a packed event of live illustration, superb storytelling and amazing activities which will have the whole audience laughing and learning about words, pictures and dogs.

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